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Cold Calling - 10 Techniques that in some way Work. Even the word Cold calling will send shivers off anyone’s spine. Most of the people I deal with hate them and will avoid them no matter what. I do not blame them and most often cold calls do not yield very high outcomes. You are only likely to gain ten percent of your business (at most) from Cold calling. So why do we undertake it? First, there is a myth that cold calling is necessary to gain new business. Second, it seems to become a challenge to many salespeople to produce the cold call. This is totally unnecessary if you can change the cold call into a warm call. Here are ten things that you can do for cold calling: Find out who makes the choice for the company with the receptionist (sometimes called the gatekeeper) Ask who they currently do business with for your particular product Put on the seminar and ask who the correct person would be for sending the invitation Discover organizations a decision company attends and see if there is an opportunity for that you also attend Find an opportunity to be introduced to the decision maker from someone you intimately know If you observe an announcement in that newspaper about the company you want to do business with, send a note with congratulations on the new person or to the person in control of the project, then follow-up with a phone call Choose the best people to talk to and obtain the first appointment; it’s more easily done for a networking event. Do not simply call all the businesses on the market with a memorized script The use of a Cold calling is simply to get to an appointment and practically nothing more; you are not trying to sell on the first call Research your options and know all about the company you are calling before you decide to ask for the meeting Cold calling can come into play more often than you will like. If you want to learn a book on Cold Calling techniques there are many authors that are good on the subject. I would suggest Stephan Schiffman’s “Cold Calling Techniques” fourth edition. Cold calling Cold calling Cold calling


Sales Training - In need of Sales Inspiration.

sales training is a popular search term on Google not surprising with a world wide recession still impacting the profitability of numerous companies.

A classic thought is that many businesses can sell themselves out of a recession which is partly true. However to be happy in the new overall economy, Sales Training needs to swap.

The truth is, Sales Training is a lot more than just a process to produce results that sales managers and sales directors need, it has to form component of a selling system for the new millennium.

The reality is that customers are even more aware of the product or service that they buy. Truth be told that research is so much convenient to carry out. All your potential clients need to do is head over on their laptop and search around to view what people are saying about the company you plan to do business with. Let me ask you a question; are your sales team flexible enough to deal with this?

If they only recognize how to stick to an outdated process without the need of flexibility, their results will suffer. Gone are the days of ‘telling and selling’ and sticking to your sales objective regardless of the.

The way forward could be the flexibility to adapt to both the customer and the environment you will be selling in. Have you ever noticed there are certain people in your sales team that always seem to undertake well and yet that they don’t really follow practise. This gives a huge clue that it is time to make changes.

Many traditional sales training programmes have a list of things to “do” to the customer. These are designed to be carried out in a specific sequence that is then designed to deliver the desired end result.

Today’s savvy customer is so wise to this, and predictably know that the sales rep might introduce themselves, ask a few questions and then most likely ignore that which was said and launch inside pitching the product or service they are promoting.

How about something different that actually works for everyone. That could be the customer on the receiving end of the sales person, and the sales representative that is rewarded with the gross sales and increased revenue for the company that employs them. One of the vital keys to the present is to switch around the way we think. The task at hand is to spotlight outcomes rather than targets. A subtle distinction and yet vital nonetheless.

Outcomes revolve around the end result where objectives traditionally consentrate on a set goal. So when you think of outcomes think results. Generally this is music to most sales manager’s ears.

With that in mind, sales training starts to change as the focus moves into getting a tangible result. Now the sales human being has more engagement along with the process and accountability for the outcome.

sales training
Sales Training
Sales Training


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5 Highly Effective Ideas For Small businesses.

If you own small companies or want to start up a Cardell Media understanding advertising are going to be critical to your achievements. When I set up my own first business back in 1999, I didn’t have a clue about marketing and advertising. Back then the leading and first point of call for a start up business has been the yellow pages directory followed by classified adverts in local papers. Over ten years on, the opportunities to encourage cheaply have grown a hundred fold. More importantly the opportunities for small businesses to advertise effectively also have increased significantly. In this article My goal is to point out the basics of what you need to know about advertising and which methods work for small businesses.

When I talk about Cardell Media, I could be referring to a one man Window Cleaner or an My partner and i. T Reseller. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, the principles of advertising are still the same and my own points and ideas are tightly related to everyone.

By the way, this article is prepared from a neutral point of view. I run two advertising companies and both are mentioned in this post along with others who I don’t possess a vested interest in but I do have experience of employing their products. If I recommend a product or media it’s because it’s worked for me and my companies and not because I’m being paid to say it.

What is Effective Advertising?

Effective Advertising is an instrument to increase your sales and profits. If the advertising you are currently using does not increase your sales and profits, STOP using it right away! ‘But it increases brand name awareness’ and ‘my competitors all advertise with this way’, are two rubbish excuses with regard to wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work. Don’t be idle, don’t burn money by employing ineffective advertising.

So how can you know if the advertising is effective? Firstly measure the results and secondly you have to to trial a new manner of advertising always commit for the minimum amount of time possible. Do not be swayed by Advertising Executives wanting to convince you to commit to longer for a price reduction. Trial first and next commit if it increases your sales and profits.


SEO or best seo services is a highly inexpensive way of advertising, in truth it’s free. SEO can be a way of creating content for your website that makes your site easily found by the individuals looking for it. It sounds complex and there are plenty of companies who make money from looking to optimise your website. BEWARE, most of these Cardell Media are either shysters or they can be charging you for something can be done yourself. Go and buy ‘Search Engine Optimization- an hour a day’ by Jennifer Grappone. She will advise you and provide the knowledge required to make a very effective website. Remember- Better your website is doing work, the less money you will need to spend trying to attract visitors to it.

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